Making Your Video


Making Your Video




This is the part where the thinking is done, and it’s time for the doing. We know what we want to produce. And why it’s right. You’ve signed off on a script and a storyboard and

it’s all systems go.

Pre-production is key. The readiness is all when it comes to a successful shoot. Planning shoots means lots of things, depending on the scope and logistics of the project.

  • It includes getting the right crew on board, from the director to the assistants.

  • It means finding the perfect location and getting all the legals and permits in place.

  • It involves booking kit, arranging transport and catering.

There is a lot to organise and this where the production manager or producer takes the lead.
Getting these things right is crucial in ensuring everyone knows what to expect.
It is critical to minimizing risk and to delivering on time and to budget.




We invite clients to every shoot.


Whether to contribute and input on decisions that are being made on the day. Or to satisfy curiosity, meet the cast and director (and soak up some of the glamour...there is occasionally a little bit of this).



To some eyes, at times it can seem as if hours are passing and there is not a great deal going on. Other times, it’s clear that things are happening at pace. The production manager and his or her clipboard are ever-present, keeping everyone informed, on-time and ready to react quickly to anything that might derail the logistics of what is often an intricately detailed production schedule.

  • Storyboard requirements: number of set-ups and camera angles.

  • Location and subject availability.

  • Transport and equipment.

  • On-set preparation e.g. styling & make-up.

Assisted by runners, the production manager’s job is to allow the director the best opportunity to run his team and get what he or she needs “in the can”. Once that’s all done (and someone has shouted “That’s a wrap!”) we pack up the kit, transfer video files and allow ourselves a moment before we start the third and final production process.





The post-production process allows us to explore. To assemble, re-assemble and add to what has been captured. To select the optimal blend in such a way that the whole becomes more than a sum of its parts. Editing film is nuanced and complex. Part technique and part talent. And part alchemy.



The simple cutting, ordering and reordering of footage allows for a great deal of influence over how we tell our story. We can iron out niggles and inconsistencies. We can colour-grade live action footage to achieve consistency and a high-production sheen. We work with what can be introduced digitally - animation, text, titles and motion graphics.  We add voiceover, sound effects, library-sourced or composed music. Each element affects how it builds, how it is paced and where the emphasis will lie. 

Again, this is a collaborative and iterative process. We share a first version, and then schedule feedback milestones. The versions progress and improve until we have a final edit.  Or multiple edits for separate purposes, audiences and distribution plans.

We make every effort at this final stage to:

  • Deliver on the requirements of the brief - our video content strategy.

  • Maximise the impact of the route - our video creative strategy.

And then we convert, upload and share files.  We host, embed or build into your platform.

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