Planning Your Video


Planning Your Video

Video Content Strategy

Video Content Strategy


This point in the process is about taking the time to take a broader view, interrogating the brief and asking 

wider background questions.

It gets us to a point where we are very clear about what we are aiming for and why. And it provides a base for the next stage in the process - the creative strategy.

Most often this step is a quick but very necessary one. Sometimes we allocate more time and look a little deeper.
Other times this can be a standalone project.


  • Where does this project fit?
  • Why now?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • How does this affect your team or department?
  • What is happening in your business or organisation? Your market? Your industry?
  • What do we need to be aware of?
  • What else are you saying and to whom?
  • What is happening with brand, with campaigns and communications?
  • What can we learn about your planning?

We are working out what to aim at and what to be wary of. We are looking for  

context and insights.

Aiming to glean something crucial that will inform the creative strategy. 

This is how we interrogate every brief. It’s our first opportunity to ask important questions. 
It’s where we start to add real value. Where we have a sound strategic basis for a creative approach.

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Video creative Strategy

Video creative Strategy


Once we have a video content strategy in place, once we know what our aims are, we can start to think about how we go about achieving them. Before we get into creative development, before we script and storyboard, we first 

define a creative approach.

We consider:

  • What's the format?
  • What's the best approach?
  • Live-action? Presenter-led? Talking heads? Reporter style? Documentary?
  • Are we focussing on facts here?
  • Is this a story? Or a concept that we will bring to life?
  • Animation? Stop-motion? Hand-drawn? Digital FX?
  • What about art direction?
  • What's the tone of the piece? Dramatic? Comedic?
  • Is the visual element telling the story or is it the script?

We consider these questions as a means to generate ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. And then we refine and distil these into the strongest options. A range of potential

creative routes.

We produce written treatments and visual references that explain our thinking. We then share these routes with you. We listen to your response and feedback. We try and understand which idea resonates the most and at this stage what is wrong and what is right about it. We hone in on the best idea. We produce an

initial script and a storyboard.

We develop and refine until you are happy and until we are confident that what we are going to make is based upon a rigorously considered basis. Dependent on the scope of the project this can be ultra-quick or it can take longer. We get to a place where we are locked-down. Where everyone is ready to push the button and go to the next stage in the process -


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